Custom made sofas

Just tell us what you need, as we are here for it!

   With Chambers Upholstery, It`s really personal. We will tailor your chosen design to meet your every like, need and want you might possibly want. Then we make your sofa or chair from the very scratch, to your exact specification and your full satisfaction.
    We understand that a chair or a sofa can be a highly personal piece of furniture that is not “one for all” design made to suit everyone, but something true beauty that takes your desires and preferences to heart and hand-craft them into every single detail from the very beginning to he end.

 Your design and inspiration

     You are always welcome in our showroom, where professional staff are waiting to help you decide on the soft furniture that will bring you a lifetime of pleasure. We will help you to get through every single step of the enjoyable journey of creating your sofa design.
     We can get you a sofa no matter the need to blend with your existing décor or you want a set that will be something new and no one had seen such style before, we`ll make it for you. Our staff a perfect idea stored behind the till from Victoriana to Modern designs, and are always on spot to give you an advice. Simply call in and meet our people who love to do what they do with full respect and genuine pride in it.

Your idea is what we need 

Our sofas and chairs are made for pleasure. Everything is made to your specs, and we tailor them to satisfy your idea for an absolute comfort. All of our cushion fillings are the highest quality, whether you prefer the natural softness of duck down or the bounciness of extra firm foam. Everything can be further customised to you preference – if you want more or less filling or different type of foam, you can have it.
We have the flexibility and knowledge to offer you a unique tailor made piece of furniture. You can choose from…

  • Overall Width 
  • Seat Height 
  • Seat Depth 
  • Back Height 
  • Design Details 
  • 1000’s of Legs 

All of our furniture is shown in the Standard Measurements, but as each piece of furniture is made specifically for you, the size can be changed to meet your unique specification.

  • For Example: 
  • Deeper Seats / Shorter 
  • Seats Higher Back / Shorter 
  • Back Wider Sofa / Narrow Sofa 
  • Higher Arm / Shorter Arm
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